Masonic Care Heritage Building



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Bickerton Masters Architecture


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Head Contractor, Construction

This project is situated in the bay side suburb of Sandgate and was constructed to blend with the surrounding neighbourhood and high expectations of the client and local residents.

Stage 1B included the construction of two, four level multi-storey Independent Living Apartment towers, while Stage F involved the complete refurbishment of the original heritage listed Masonic Care Nursing Home.

Preserving the original layout of the Stage F Nursing Home was a requirement dictated by the heritage status of the building. Original features such as ornate cornices and walls which previously separated each room had to be retained, whilst opening the building up to a useable space. Other elements such as steel beams were introduced just below cornice line so if one looked to the ceiling the original rooms could be imagined, whilst at floor level the space was open and user friendly.

Originally a labyrinth of dilapidated single bed units shoehorned amongst board offices and out-dated community facilities, Stage F was eventually transformed into a community space consisting of two modern kitchens and serveries, complete with dining rooms, a new library, hairdresser, cinema, clubhouse, administration facilities, and a large expansive Queensland style veranda and two beautiful big airy decks overlooking building B and C, and lawns.

This Masonic Care Queensland Sandgate facility now boasts the addition of 36 high-end independent living apartments, interconnected with the existing Masonic Care facilities and services and the Stage F heritage community facility.

“Grindley Construction and their employees have always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. They are definitely industry leaders rather than followers. In addition to their excellent organisational skills they have the ability to maintain their focus and see a project through to completion, with exceptional end results. Grindley Construction is an asset to the building community, and I am happy to give them my wholehearted endorsement.”

John Byrne, General Manager Building Projects, Facilities and Asset Management, Masonic Care Queensland