BallyCara Wellness Centre



Queensland Hibernian Friendly Society


Thomson Adsett


Fixed Lump Sum


Head Contractor, Construction

Project Awards

2014 Master Builders Brisbane Housing and Construction Awards:

Category: Lifestyle Housing for Seniors

Nestled in the quiet suburbs on the Scarborough Peninsula, the Wellness Centre and the Amicus Apartments were two of the nine master planned stages of the BallyCara redevelopment.

The community facility known as the BallyCara Wellness Centre comprised the construction of a two level multi purpose building including offices, function and activities rooms, café and recreational facilities and the installation of an in-ground pool and spa. The diversion and upgrade of existing services was also completed.

Built alongside the Amicus Apartments and the existing Aged Care Facility, the BallyCara Wellness Centre acts as a communal space for the complex, providing an intimate area for interaction and recreational activities.

“The Hibernian Society successfully undertook a significant development at our BallyCara site with Grindley Construction. Grindley’s commitment to the project challenges, particularly management of the occupied site and desire to enhance the overall product were key to the project’s success.”

Marcus Riley, Chief Executive Officer, Queensland Hibernian Friendly Society (Ltd)