Murray's Garden Amenities Block



Western Sydney Parks Trust


Fixed Lump Sum


Head Contractor - Construct Only

Building on the successful delivery of the Parramatta Park Café, Grindley Interiors was contracted to construct the new Murray's Garden Amenities project in Parramatta Park.

Designed by Chrofi Architects, the project incorporated several intricate details that resulted in a truly bespoke and beautiful community building. Facilities included new wash areas, unisex and accessible bathrooms and storage rooms. The design encompassed a waffle pod slab on ground, steel structure, feature timber façade, vandal proof fitout and landscaping to the surrounds.

Specific detail in construction was required due to the Aboriginal Heritage and "no dig" policy on site. The site had no services infrastructure of its own, so cooperation and coordination with the adjacent RSL and their stakeholders was required for all incoming service mains.