Reserve Bank



Reserve Bank Australia (RBA)


DEM Architects


Fixed Lump Sum



Project Awards

2007 Master Builders Australia National Construction Award – Runner Up

2007 Master Builders Association NSW Excellence in Construction Award – Commercial Building ($25,000,001 – $80,000,000)

2007 Master Builders Association NSW – Outstanding Construction Award

A ‘mission critical’ building of high importance, this project set new benchmarks for its complexity, services, finishes, security measures, technology and contract administration. The Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) Business Resumption Facility was constructed by Grindley in north west Sydney. The RBA is Australia’s central bank, with responsibility for national monetary policy and stability of the financial system. This facility is a resilient, robust and secure secondary site so the RBA can sustain its critical business and IT activities should it lose access to its CBD head office.