Pozieres House



Peninsula Villages Limited


RZK Group


Fixed Lump Sum


Head Contractor - Construct Only

Construction of the new 114 bed residential aged care home for Peninsula Village.

Early works involved securing the site, demolishing the existing structures and remediation of a small quantity of asbestos. The main works involved the construction of a new three storey building using 12m screw piles into sand, conventional reinforced slab and AFS wall system.

The home includes 111 one-bedroom rooms and three executive suites, all with private ensuites across three levels. The façade is composed of non combustible metal cladding, metal louvres, render and paint.

The new building interfaces with the existing aged care home and is serviced by two lifts. In addition, the facility incorporates a hair salon, one mobile bath/ bathroom, three treatment rooms, a wellness room, five small resident domestic laundries, six serveries and multiple open courtyards, with architectural circular voids.

The care model supports residents to live in a vibrant and close-knit household with 12-14 residents. Each household offers its own alfresco area or balcony, spacious domestic scale kitchen, dining and living area as well as a separate lounge.