Kids Day at Opal Fernleigh

Recently a few Dads and Kids met Jeff Caterson at the site sheds at Opal Fernleigh. The kids were taken on a walk around the outside perimeter of the site and then to the highest view point, being the engineered suspended vehicle platform which is designed to facilitate materials handling and mobile plant (including concrete pumps, mobile cranes and concrete trucks etc) with a load of up to 50 tonne suspended over the excavation below. Fully enclosed and separated from the site, the kids were able to safely view the project in full operation. 

The site provided action packed viewing for the children, with works being undertaken on multiple work fronts, carefully sequenced to build our way out of the large excavation, which consisted of 25,000 tonnes of sandstone over a double height basement excavation. Thanks to the site team for their full support and especially for allowing the kids to witness the tower crane being operated via remote control.