A Very Important Partnership

Grindley is proud to extend our ongoing “Commitment”  to The Salvation Army. We have recently provided a significant financial donation to the Salvo Care Line NSW. The Care Line operates from two centres in Brisbane and Sydney and responds to up to 80,000 calls per year from all over Australia.  The service provides professional telephone counselling for people suffering from a range of life challenges such as loneliness, depression, grief, mental illness, risk of suicide, addictions and relationship crisis. The donation represents a 5 year partnership between Grindley and the Salvation Army and an ongoing “Commitment” from our Board and Directors to support highly valuable community causes. Our donation will be used to fund a part time counsellor in the Sydney call centre.  All of us know someone effected by challenges such as grief, loneliness,  depression or addiction so if you would like more information on the service the support line is 1300 36 36 22.