Grindley Hosts Property Council's Retirement Outlook Seminar



On Tuesday 19th March at the Powerhouse Museum Sydney, The Property Council held their annual Retirement Outlook Seminar with Grindley as the event sponsor for the 3rd consecutive year. Over 220 key players in the Aged Care and Retirement Sector gathered to hear the panel discuss the challenges and opportunities facing our sector in the years ahead. Panellists Derek McMillan (CEO of Australian Unity Retirement) and Peter Brown (now Chairman of Metlifecare NZ and Forest Place Group) were forthright in their views about future demand and the government’s approach to care packages. McMillan pointed out that every year since he became CEO (2005) the average age of entry in his 2000 ILUs has increased by one year – to an average of 79 now. Brown stated 80 was the new norm in his Aveo experience. They believe Government will have to review policy, separating accommodation from care, allowing increased care to be efficiently delivered into villages. Brown pointed to the NZ Metlifecare continuum of care model, predicting it will become the model for Australian villages in the medium term.