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Head Contractor - Construction

In 2016 Grindley identified a need to refresh their office space to accommodate a growing more mobile workforce, to project an image more in line with the companies strategic vision and to create a work environment to support the renewed focus on collaboration and inter-team cooperation.  

Grindley Interiors were engaged to undertake the staged refurbishment of the head office at 55 Grandview Street, Pymble. Initially the reception area, meeting room and boardroom were refurbished in 2016, then in June 2018, works to the remainder of the single level office commenced.

Staff were condensed to one side of the office whilst demolition and construction took place, so the business could remain fully operational. Once works were complete, staff were then moved to the newly refurbished section, for the commencement of Stage 2.

Works involved the installation of new lighting and blinds throughout, new offices, workstations and partitions, a quiet room and meeting room, two collaboration areas, a production room and store room, along with a new kitchenette. A compactus and tamour units were also fitted for storage purposes and new furniture such as chairs, pedestal units and caddys were provided.

Glass white boards and wall art throughout, profiling Grindley’s completed projects were also added to complement the feel of a collaborative environment.